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Welcome to our website! We collaborate, share, work, and learn here to create better final assignment. This website provides update for our final assignment project, the lovely TA141501005 – Macro Photography Motorize Positioning Plate for Focus Stacking, in a form of web blog. You can track our progress for the project and you can give us support and opinion for our project. We also love to collaborate here, where we feel it is as our second home, so that we can stay in touch together although we are in different place. The collaboration feature is restricted for private use only. The other one, our constant backup and storage server which provides large and reliable online storage to backup our project.

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Audra Fildza Masita

Audra Fildza Masita


Bagus Hanindhito

Bagus Hanindhito


Ramadhani Ulfita

Ramadhani Ulfita


Our Project : The Focus Stacking for Macro Photography

Preliminary view of our project, the Macro Photography Motorize Positioning Plate for Focus Stacking, is about to take the beauty and awesomeness of macro photography to the next level without any hassle. The basic problem behind our project is the shallow depth-of-field which makes only part of object that appear to be focused during macro photography.

To make the depth-of-field deeper, we can use focus stacking method in which series of images with different focus point at the same object are combined using digital image processing to create one deeper depth-of-field image. But, to take series of images that can be combined seamlessly, requires a lot of effort, such as to hold camera steady. Therefore, our preliminary project is to create a system that can take series of images of an object using macro photography automatically, without any user intervention, and process the images to create single deeper depth-of-field image.


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